• Navigating Apache Nifi

    The main user interface of Apache Nifi is their web ui. This makes it much more enjoyable to use than a command line interface, but can still be hard to grasp quickly or know where certain things are when you first start using it. To help reduce the learning curve, we are going through and breaking down the web ui through a video showing how-to navigate Apache Nifi.

    Our main points will be the menu bar and building a data flow with some tips and tricks along the way. The data flow will be based off of our previous post Getting Started with Apache Nifi.

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  • Getting Started with Apache Nifi

    • Update April 8th 2015: The Vagrantfile has been updated to pull the release tag 0.0.2 for stability

    Install options

    Apache NiFi is currently in incubation and so does not have any releases, so to start we have to checkout the project and build the code base. A users guide is avaialble on the nifi website with requirements for building and running nifi, mainly java 7 and maven 3.0.5+. OpendJDK will work but currently the unit tests will not pass. A quick tldr; can be found below.

    Using Vagrant

    If you like to keep your project dependencies seperate like me, I’ve created a Vagrantfile that will get all dependencies and then build the project in the shared /vagrant/ folder. After building it will start nifi and you can point your browser to localhost:8080/nifi/ and skip to Building a Simple Dataflow. The provisioning of the VM will take about 10-15 minutes depending on your hardware.

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