Apache Nifi just had their first release, 0.0.1. It showed good movement forward with 75 bug fixes, 24 improvements, and 2 new features. A list of Release Notes is on their Jira page. With the release, it gives the users source downloads to start from, which is great, but lets look at the highlights of this release.

Apache Nifi Release 0.0.1 Highlights

  • One of the biggest changes was the directory structure to allow parrallel maven builds. This took the build time down from 20-30 minutes to 3-7 minutes. Nifi Jira 169
  • The improvement of the assembly process also allowed for more stream lined packaging. Nifi Jira 228

Outside of the build process, most of the updates were cleaning up the code base to make it more developer friendly and fixing alot of small bugs;

  • Updating libraries to their most current version
  • Adding documentation/users guides
  • Guarantee builds on varying OSes: OSX, Linux, Windows.

I’m pretty excited to see what’s in the next release, but also excited that I don’t have to build nifi to use it. Release binaries are available on the nifi website.