Apache Nifi released version 1.4.0 in October 2017. I know we are late to talk about the release highlights, but better late than never. This will just be a quick run down for those interested or curious if they should upgrade their cluster from a previous release to the new and shiny! As usual, the release notes are on nifi’s confluence page, the issues resolved are on their jira and you can download the newest, and previous releases from the nifi site.

There were 204 issues closed in total.

There were a few other tasks and subtasks that were resolved that make up the other 6 items.

New Features

As processors are the main component in Nifi, I tend to focus on those first here. There are 17 new processors in this release, all listed below.

New Processors:

A quick description is available on our processor page. For a full description, see the apache nifi docs.

I think for the most part these processors are self explainatory. It’s good to see the list continue to grow, as expected. This bring the total processor count up to 242! Kind of crazy. You can do so much out of the box with nifi now, but it also does add some bloat if you are only using a small subset. The Apache Nifi Registry is going to address that which was released recently. We’ll have a post on that soon!

Other new Features

Aside from processors, there are some other nice to haves in this release. The variable registry is now configurable through the UI and allows for processor group level control of variables vs global. A long requested update to the UI has been completed- you can now double click a processor to open it’s configuration settings! This in itself is a great addition that I know I will be using almost every day!

1.5.0 is currently being voted on for RC1, and we are looking forward to using and highlighting the new version.