The other day I was using an older version of Apache Nifi than the most currently released and realized that the only way I could access the processor docks was via my locally running verion. You can open up the docs for the version you are on via the right click menu on a processor and even pop it out to a new tab or window, and while this is nice, I wanted a quick rundown or searchable area outside of the environment that I could use to lookup processors in. That way I wasn’t tied down to my instance - say I wanted to look at it on the go on my phone or whatever the use case may be. This spawned us to start doing something we had been talking about for quite some time - versioning our apache nifi processors page. We now have a nice dropdown on all processors pages that allows you to select from the most recent 0.x line as of writing this, 0.7.4, and the 1.x line from 1.2 on - 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. Example dropdown:

Includes all processors through release

We think this is a pretty handy feature and hope that you all find it useful too! If you have any other thoughts or feedback about useful tools or posts, feel free to let us know at